The brand

Dreams. Love. My darling.

A family 



Côme, a family story.

Côme Éditions is a women’s ready-to-wear brand created in 2015 by Clémence et Matthieu Dru, brother and sister. The crossing of their two universes and their complementary dualism have become the basis of the brand’s identity.

Côme Éditions is about mixture of styles, masculine-feminine balance, two-toned and reversible models, patchworks of fabrics and prints… These contrasts give character to the product, both graphic and poetic, distinctive and timeless.

Today, the brand is recognized for its creativity, authenticity and ethical commitments.

Côme studio


Côme Studio is an art direction and creative studio created by Clémence Dru, Côme Éditions’ co-founder.

Today, we try to think about every action and every project of our brand in a conscientious and socially responsible way. Our challenge is to move forward, to progress, to evolve by constantly questioning ourselves.

From the beginning, we wanted to have a meaningful brand... This was possible through taking various and diverse initiatives: our
Côme x CSAO project (hand embroidery on jackets made by women in Senegal), the Recôme project (that gives a second life to scraps of fabrics), a production 100% relocated in Paris… Our new « Côme Chapitre 2 » project embodies everything we have undertaken since we created our brand, and enables us to go even further in our eco-responsible approach.

We are very happy to make you travel with us in this new adventure that is close to our hearts…