Travel through words

Our clothes factory

When we created Côme in 2015, all our production was carried out in a family workshop located in Paris.
After relocating part of our production to Porto between 2016 and 2018, we decided to stop wholesale (selling to multi-brands stores) and focus on direct sales and customization.

Today, our ambition is to produce at our own pace, timeless pieces of clothing available in limited quantities to monitor our product’s journey from manufacture to the end customer.
In fact, it is this same workshop, where it all began, which will be the exclusive partner in our new project.

Moreover, in 2019, we decided to no longer get new fabrics produced in an already saturated and flooded market. Our clothes are now made entirely in Paris from recycled fabrics.

Our workshop, which supports us through this eco-friendly approach, does its best to limit the amount of clothing material used for each model, and regularly finds itself juggling between several fabric scraps to finalize a production.

L’Atelier des Rêves in Dakar

In 2016, we began a collaboration with CSAO on custom embroidered jackets: a project that took a lot of space in our brand Côme Éditions.

This partnership enables us to give work to Senegalese women in difficult situations and help them look forward to the future with hope. On each embroidered piece, we donate 20% of its price to these women.

L’Atelier des Cômètes in Paris

For our new project 100% designed and made in Paris, we chose to collaborate and support women in precarious situations living around Paris.

Women from very different backgrounds are trained for several months in order to carry out handcrafted work on each of the pieces that will be part of this new story. 
The countdown has begun.