Creating meaningful pieces.
Timeless and durable pieces.
Unique pieces made from
from fabric scraps.
Pieces thought out, developed,
hand embroidered in Paris.
Personalized, numbered pieces,
signed - like a limited edition.
Ethical and poetic pieces,
defining our ideal feminine wardrobe.

 But above all, few pieces.
Doing better means doing less.
A new model every month,
declined in several versions,
developed around a dreamlike theme,
and available in pre-order.

Pieces with a whole story...
Which may become yours...


Travel through words

Our clothes factory

We imagine ethical, poetic and timeless clothes, which we propose to you in pre-order on a predefined period in order to produce the most justly possible, and to avoid the useless stocks.

Each model is made in our Parisian workshop, exclusive partner of our project. Milé, the workshop manager who works with us in our responsible approach, makes sure to limit the use of fabrics on each piece, and finds himself juggling between several scraps to finalize a production - which makes the manufacturing process artisanal.

Through this project, we give a "second life" to the existing. We wish to put an end to the production of new fabrics on a saturated market because the manufacturing and dyeing of fabrics are two extremely polluting processes.

Each model is thus made from the end of series of famous brands, and thus available in limited edition for a few weeks only.

L’Atelier des Rêves in Dakar

In 2016, we began our collaboration with CSAO for personalized hand-embroidered jackets in Dakar. This partnership allows us to put Senegalese women in difficult situations to work and help them look to the future with hope.

For practical and ecological reasons, orders are taken two or three times a year during temporary events. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to know the dates of the next events!

L’Atelier des Comètes in Paris

Through our project 100% thought and realized in Paris, we collaborate with embroiderers met through associations that accompany the reintegration of exiled and refugee women, with an extraordinary know-how. 

Each piece is hand-embroidered in Paris in our office-workshop-showroom from poetic drawings, and requires many hours of work, patience and love above all.

The Côme Editions constellation

"Discover each step of the manufacturing process of our products by sliding on the stars"