A world to reinvent

Côme - chapter 2

Discover our new sustainable and artisanal project
100% designed and produced in Paris


Give meaning,
A second life

The Project

Under the French circumflex accent of Côme Éditions, we imagine varied projects and tell stories with a deep desire to convey meaning and emotion. After our Côme x CSAO project (2016) which allowed us to financially support Senegalese women in difficult situations, and the Recôme project (2019) which offered a second life to fabric scraps in order to make something new out of what already exists – we want to go further and create a sustainable project from A to Z, thought through in every detail.

Today more than ever, we want to do better, and therefore (paradoxically) do less.
In a few months, we will present to you our new project “Côme Chapter 2” which will be the culmination of all the things we have undertaken since we embarked on the Côme Éditions’ journey.

Each piece, unique, will tell its own personal and emotional story. The models will be available for pre-order only to avoid unnecessary production.

Our commitments

The Côme Éditions models are manufactured in Paris in limited series or as unique pieces in line with an eco-friendly approach and a strong sense of ethics as well as with a view to preserving artisanal know-how.