Côme x Le Bon Marché
03 - 17 - 2018

Côme x Le Bon Marché

In order to celebrate the Spring-Summer 2017 fashion week, Le Bon Marché and 24 Sèvres offered a selection of brands to create an exclusive capsule collection in which their logo would be twisted with humor and creativity.

The idea is also to allow brands to venture into new territories by offering affordable and offbeat products and accessories.

We decided to twist our Côme logo playing with a recurring theme of our brand : Love.

In Côme, there is Love.

This is how the idea of creating a moving lenticular image to scratch on our clothes was born.

From this element, we reinterpreted existing models that are characteristic of the Côme style : our Mao reversible jacket, our Canopus sweat-shirt and our Cômète tee-shirt. We also ventured into unfamiliar terrain by creating a keychain, an iPhone case and Côme slides.

See you at the ground floor of Le Bon Marché and on the website of 24 Sèvres at the end of February to discover the capsule collection as a whole !