The project Côme x CSAO
07 - 6 - 2021

The project Côme x CSAO

From March 7th to 17th, order a personalized CÔME x CSAO jacket. 

After the jacket bar and the bibliothéothèque, this month we take you to the Secret Côme Éditions garden (which already shelters our silk wrap dress)...

For several years, we have been offering to personalize our Théo jackets, made in Paris and hand-embroidered in Senegal by the women of "L'atelier des Rêves" in collaboration with the CSAO. This association takes in women in difficult situations to teach them the embroidery trade so that they can look to the future with hope.

The words you choose to embroider on your Côme Éditions jacket will tell your story, like a diary: a part of your "secret garden" that you wish to reveal to the world around you.

To continue the plant metaphor, we invite you to create a jacket in your own image - by choosing the color and the composition of it, like a poetic bouquet, unique and made to measure, from which you would have carefully chosen each flower one by one!

Take the time to find the words that tell your story...
But remember, we don't know when the next order will be taken !